Christmas Greetings 2013 from the Stainsby’s

This must be the 7th year that you have not received a Christmas card from the Stainsby’s. Instead we have vowed to provide a donation in lieu of buying the cards and postage stamps. As I look back on previous years I can see we have purchased an IT workshop, a donkey in Ethiopia, “dunnies” in the Pacific and assisted the Salvation Army’s homeless program, to name a few.

This year we will help the refugee children of Syria – displaced through the war and ethnic tensions.

Attached here is Bruce’s 2013 Christmas letter, an update on the Stainsby’s for the past year.

So to our many family and friends who have found this page, have a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for a sparkling new 2014.

Hayden, Bruce, Evan Andrea, Sally (the dog), Thea, Steph

Hayden, Bruce, Evan
Andrea, Sally (the dog), Thea, Steph


UNICEF image: Two young boys play near their family’s tent in Domiz refugee camp in Iraq.


UNICEF image: A Syrian girl, who is a refugee, attends her school’s first day of class, in the city of Sanliurfa. The school offers first- to eighth-grade classes for 580 Syrian children who are not living in refugee camps. UNICEF provided furniture and school supplies for the building, which was donated by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.



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