Welcome back to stainsbyte.com

It’s been nearly two months since we arrived home from a wonderful long journey that took in parts of USA, north-eastern Europe, South America and Antarctica.

Following a disagreement with the people who hosted stainsbyte.com (HostSailor), after they ‘lost’ my website, I have been trying to rebuild it.

HostSailor offered me a free month of hosting to make up for loosing my web site – that simply wasn’t enough. I am now back hosting with Dreamhost, and just hope it works for me.

With 146 blogs, nearly 400 pages, 470 galleries of photos, it has turned out to be a long slow process.

But I am slowly getting things together. The blogs and pages are there, but not all the photos. So excuse the ‘no images were found‘ at the end of my stories – it isn’t permanent.


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