We are Home and Connected!

We arrived home in time to spend a few days with Ev & Steph before they departed for a six week jaunt in Brazil.  Now we are on Bott (the turtle) feeding duty.  He is always so pleased to see us.

We moved back to our apartment, found the clothes we’d packed away and started filling the pantry.  When we were ready, we reunited with Sally and she looked wonderful.  She is in great condition for a 16 year old dog, and is now settling back into the Stainsby routine.

The hardest task has been connecting to the internet.  A frustrating 16 days where Telstra

  • sold one bundle of phone, internet and Foxtel to us and then told us they had discontinued it,
  • tried to connect us to cable, although it is not available in our building and I had ordered ADSL,
  • couldn’t get our address right
  • and then installed a faulty modem.

A lot of precious time was wasted as I repeated my full name and my date of birth to countless representatives spread around the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  A communications monolith that cannot communicate.  Grrrrrrrr

I am loving catching up with friends and family – it means lots of coffee and/or wine!

So watch this space, as we have an upcoming project and more touring planned.

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  1. Decima says:

    Must catch up some time; I’m keen to learn how you coped with just a backpack!


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