Never wanted to go to Naples

Bruce never wanted to go to Naples.  It was there in his Kombi-travelling days that they were robbed. Bruce lost his camera (bad, but replaceable) and all his film through England (meeting me), northern Europe and down through Turkey & Greece.

So the plan was a ferry ride from Sardinia to Naples and a quick drive to the Amalfi coast.

First set of traffic lights, I yelled at the driver beside me that he had left his hazard lights on.  “Grazia” and a big smile he replied.

It was the second set of traffic lights, 5 minutes off the ferry, that Bruce noticed a man on a Vespa behind our car.  “There goes the badge”, he thought. He checked and it was still there.

Then the car’s computer system told us to STOP.  Then it told us we had a puncture!  That man on a Vespa had spiked our rear right tyre!

It took a little longer to get out of Naples while we found a Renault dealer and a tyre shop. We won’t be going back!!

Spiked tyre, Naples

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