More on NextGEN Gallery

After importing photos from my iPhone on the iPhone app to NextGEN Gallery and finding they were not correctly oriented, I went about experimenting with photos that had hit Windows XP using the Windows Live Photo Gallery and Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 6.0

It is true that I am a bit behind the times with my software on this computer, but since my outcomes were satisfactory I can only assume that later releases of software will continue to behave in the same manner.

In all the photos that follow, I rotated the camera and Bruce pointed in the direction of the top of the camera.  For the iPhone “Normal” orientation appears to be when the phone is held horizontally with the button on the right.  For the Panasonic camera, “Normal” orientation is landscape mode.

  1. So my first experiment is iPhone photos imported to Windows Live Photos Gallery:
  2. Next is iPhone photos imported to Adobe PSE6:
  3. And third is photos from my Panasonic DMC-TZ5 to Adobe PSE6:

As you can see, all images behaved correctly.  The only images I have problems with are those imported from the iPhone using the WordPress NextGEN app for the iPhone.  In summary, I don’t think the iPhone app can see or manage the Orientation metadata.

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