Help @ Thea

Some time ago, when I was helping people with computing, the phrase “Help @ Thea” began.  I sat somewhere between an email address and “two apples @ tuppence each”.  My aim was to assist ordinary people gain computer literacy.

Well, I have revitalised Help @ Thea as the working web site for my consultancy.  From there I am promoting myself to help people make better use of their computers.  This comes in a number of forms:

  • One-on-one assistance in using computers (how to back up, how to find a file, how to make more space, how to send smarter emails, how to manage photos).
  • Building web sites, using the WordPress framework for blogging or small business.  This might include help to register and host a web site.
  • Finding a special way to send a special greeting for a special celebration.

If you visit Help @ Thea, you may find the look and feel of my own web site is constantly changing – as well as promoting my consultancy, it is actually an experimental platform, an opportunity to find better ways to do things.

Be brave, go there!

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