Dominican Republic

Our introduction to the Carribbean was in the Dominican Republic. After a long day including a 12 hour stopover in Frankfurt, we arrived here at 03:00 hour – 3am in the morning.

By the time we exchanged money and found a taxi, bed was very welcome and we collapsed.

Breakfast was at a street cafe where we were entertained by a Michael Jackson look alike.

As it happened there were a lot of school children up and down the pedestrian street El Conde. They were preparing for the Independent celebrations.

If ever a Michael Jackson look alike was going to make money, it was from the school children who stopped by and watch his limited performance.

As well we visited the forts of early Spanish times and monuments to fallen heroes.

We hired a car and drove east to La Romana. Here we discovered nearly all the beaches had been gobbled up by one resort or another. No beaches for the common people.

The airports specialise in fly-in / fly-out holidays where most tourists won’t move out of the resort.

But as we drove around this eastern end of the island we saw colourful painted houses and heavily man-powered sugar crops.

Scooters and cars had there own rules such as drive 2 metres behind you, never use indicators and a must – overtake on double lines.

I am behind with my posts and stories, but hope to catch up soon.

Here’s Michael Jackson wowing one group of children.



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