Congratulations Dr. Hayden StainsbyB.Dig.Sys., M.Eng.(1), M.Eng.(2), Ph.D.

Ten or more years ago Hayden announced he wanted to undertake a PhD. It has been 3 years preparation with two masters achieved, and 4 further years of research and study.

Last night he achieved his dream.  The Mathematics Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona awarded him his doctorate for his disertation on Triangular Basis of Integral Closures, and we were very proud to be there to watch his presentation.

Although we understood little of the presentation, it was clear that the panel took great interest in his work.

For us, this is the culmination of our long journey through the Silk Route to Barcelona. Evan & Steph flew in to join us, making it a family affair.

We are particularly proud of Hayden for an outstanding achievement and grateful to the gorgeous Andrea who has given him so much support along the way.

Well done Dr Stainsby!


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5 Responses to Congratulations Dr. Hayden StainsbyB.Dig.Sys., M.Eng.(1), M.Eng.(2), Ph.D.

  1. Alex Mifsud says:

    Thea. Great photos for a great day – we can almost feel the parent pride and excitement in the shots. Congratulations! Cheers, Alex.

  2. Decima says:

    No funny hat for Ph. D in Spain, or does the graduation ceremony come later?

    • thea says:

      No funny hat, no graduation ceremony – just drinks after the presentation and then Hayden took the panel out for dinner on the night. Very low key in Europe, compared to Australia and USA.

  3. Decima says:

    In Oxford once on graduation day, people in funny hats and gowns drinking champagne everywhere.

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