A Special Celebration

A few days ago Bruce & I celebrated our 40th anniversary. Wow! Ten years PK (pre kids), developing our careers, 25 years nurturing, feeding and schooling Hayden & Evan and 5 years downsizing and learning to retire. We met travelling and have loved every opportunity to travel since.

When we made plans for our adventure to Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan we didn’t wrap it around this celebration – instead we decided to make the most of where we were. Of course there was no need for gifts, this adventure is as good a way to celebrate our life together as any.

The day started with a luscious, creamy cake from our tour operator Lillian from Novaland. After a token taste in the morning we managed to finish more than half the cake before leaving Seoul. I hope the staff at the SunBee Hotel enjoy finishing it off.  Thank you, Lillian.

It was business as usual during the day – the Jongmyo Shrine, a walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream, a photo opportunity of the amazing City Hall and a visit to Deoksugung Palace, finally braving the Korean underground to return to the hotel to freshen up.

The local tourist office recommended the SamcheongGak Restaurant. It was built in the 70s and is famous as a diplomatic and political meeting place, particularly during attempts to reconcile the north and the south of the country.

We chose a fixed menu that didn’t seem to offer too many of the truly Korean delicacies such as octopus jelly and fermented fish. It was an amazing experience to try all the foods offered in 12 courses, washed down with rice wine.

A celebration hard to beat!


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4 Responses to A Special Celebration

  1. Alex says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary Bruce and Thea! Your portrait photos and the cake look great.
    (How many swipes did Bruce’s moustache need to get through that banquet of Korean food?)
    Cheers, Alex.

    • thea says:

      Do you know, I hardly notice the swipes… but the food was amazing. Now we will have to persuade Hampton Travel to consider – full of surprises!

  2. The Korean delicacies look enticing.
    Caught up with Judy and Colin for an hour; they left Broome Friday. Looking well including Normie (dog). We had coffee outdoors for the dog plus lunch. Judy proud of her new grandkids born a day apart, I think.
    We take possession of a 4WD next week so we’ll be on the road next weekend

    • thea says:

      Great you caught up with Judy & Colin – their adventure sounds amazing.
      We really are enjoying the Korean food – in fact all of Korea is a delightful surprise.
      Happy 4WD driving!

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