2019 Part 1

We keep saying how quickly time goes. But as we reach the halfway point of 2019, so much seems to have happened. We have had a busy time!

It all started on 5th January, when Hayden & Andrea suggested a phone call. They were announcing their pregnancy. Fantastic news!! Due date was early September.

Of course we had to keep mum about it – they didn’t want to tell everyone just yet. That was hard, in fact it was very hard.

Whilst Andrea was struggling with morning sickness, we were preparing to meet the family to celebrate my 70th birthday in Macedonia.

So many of my friends decided I needed a celebration before Macedonia. There were the Girl Cousins, the Doggie Walkers, the Maggie Walkers, the GNOs and of course family and friends. And at each celebration I had to keep THE secret.

We were three months on the road, with a short stop in Doha, then to Macedonia to meet the family for a week of celebration. Magical touring in winter.

After family time, Bruce and I continued to Kosovo and Albania for an amazing history lesson, then to Corfu and Cyprus for a little warmth and relaxation.

We visited Hayden & Andrea in Berlin, the Busch family in Stuttgart and Denis & Martine in Switzerland before crossing the Atlantic in time to celebrate Evan’s 34th birthday with Ev & Steph.

We then flew south and drove across North America from South Carolina to California, nearly 6,000 kilometres through amazing country.

We finished our adventure in Hawaii, staying on the famed Waikiki Beach. I am still trying to finish my journal.

Home again, and resuming life in Melbourne. This time we have been sharing our time between Sorrento and Sandringham. We have been catching up with our blogs/journals and I have been dabbling in family history while Bruce has been kept busy with his freelance work.

Of course there are friends and family to catch up with as well.

And guess what, we are preparing another journey – this time to meet our very first grandchild in Berlin in September.

It has been a busy and fulfilling 2019 so far.

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