Six Buses… – part 4

Part 4 – Cappadocia to Safranbolu

We were certainly becoming accustomed to bus travel around Turkey. The journey from Cappadocia to Safranbolu was the longest, more than 500 km and an overnight journey. So here is a little about what to expect on a Turkish bus:

  • Buses get washed at major comfort stops (unlike Egypt).
  • Rugs & newspapers are covered on the floor to keep bus clean.
  • TV screens are in the back of each seat in the bus, with music, radio, sitcoms and even road cam so you can see where you are going.
  • There is a USB port to review your own photos on screen.
  • The attendants are neatly dressed in shirt and tie or bow tie. They move up and down the aisles with trolleys, selling food and drinks.
  • The attendants get to start the bus and then announce its impending departure.
  • The Ankara bus station is built over 3 levels for buses to come in, with about 30 buses on each level – it is huge.

It’s not an airline, but a well organised bus system, in Turkey.

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