Happy Birthday Bruce, finally

For the man who has everything he needs (I mean cameras, lenses and other gadgets) a birthday present for Bruce was a challenge.

But as I sat at my desk building web sites and watching the bay, the little blue Tiger Moth that kept flying past gave me an idea.  Why not treat Bruce to a flight?

So nearly 2 months after his birthday, early on a warm, still, hazy Summer day, his treat came to fruition.

We were at Moorabbin airport at 7:30am to meet Lionel the pilot and Ken his right hand man.  Lionel wrapped Bruce in a leather WW2 RAF flying jacket, complete with leather helmet, goggles and headphones connected to a radio that didn’t work.

While Bruce & Lionel flew off into the blue yonder, I was entertained by Ken with stories of past flight disasters.  Interesting!

Going by the grin on Bruce’s face, both before the flight and afterwards… I think he enjoyed it.  But now you need to pop over to moustache.com.au to see the pics that Bruce took.

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