The first sunrise

We are in the land of the first sunrise!  Tonga claims to be the first country to see the new day, as it is just west of the international date line.

We are spending 10 days here – 6 on the main island of Tongatapu and 4 on the Island of Fafa.

The rain greeted us when we arrived last night, but ever optimistic, we will see that first sunrise soon.

The blog is started, so head across to the Tonga 2014 on the menu to follow our travels.

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2 Responses to The first sunrise

  1. Mary says:

    Really looking forward to reading your stories. I thoroughly enjoy the writing itself. Where is the first stop?

    • thea says:

      Hi Mary,
      We are in China for all of September, then the ‘Stans and Iran. Hope your journey is great. Enjoy Barcelona – we will be there in December.

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