Two hundred days and still counting

It is 200 days since we left home on this amazing adventure. I know, because my camera counts the days for me.

We have slept in 64 different hotel beds, 2 ferry cabins, 1 overnight reclining plane seat and 3 uncomfortable, overnight bus seats. We have cooked about 20 meals and eaten ‘out’ the rest of the time.

We have visited 15 countries, countless mosques, churches and ruins. We have rented one taxi and seven cars.  In 3 months have covered 10,000km in our leased Renault Megane Sport.

We have replaced one pair of shoes, one watch battery and one wide angled lens. We have added numerous T-shirts (Bruce) and one top and shorts (Thea) to our luggage.

We have written 88 postcards – have you got yours yet?

I have taken 9,000 photos, written 42 posts and 80 pages of photos and maps on this blog site – and I am behind. Bruce has taken 13,500 photos, written 70 posts and added 56 photo galleries to moustache. There are very few photos of us – we are here to see the sights, not us.

Amazingly, we are still enjoying each other’s company and this adventure, and there are only 150 days left.

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One Response to Two hundred days and still counting

  1. Alex Mifsud says:

    I think I’ve mentioned before when you last posted it, but I love the items count you do. I’m not at all surprised about the 9,000 photos having seen your click rate in Egypt; I don’t know how you managed only 20 cooked meals in 200 days though.
    I am really looking forward to your final items count by journey’s end. We’re sure to see a few world travel records I bet.
    Cheers, Alex.

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