Spring is in the hair

It is delightful to walk on the beach as the days get warmer and brighter. However Sally’s Winter coat was catching everything – sand, grass, seed pods, burrs. So it is time for a haircut,

Here are the befores and afters – yes it is the same girl!!

Sally after 5 beach walks and before her wash-and-groom

Sally, washed-and-groomed for Spring

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2 Responses to Spring is in the hair

  1. Brenda Devers says:

    Sally looks so cute…… Good to talk with you Thea – hope the break travelling to Perth is a great one.. take care and both John and I look forward to seeing you both at Christmas – our first time without our daughter!!!!

    How do I send photos of Bella?
    Lots of love
    Brenda and John

    • thea says:

      Hi Brenda, You can send photos of Bella by email but suggest you “downsize” them first. One way of doing this is at http://www.picnik.com/ where you can upload a photo, resize it (try Width = 800 to 1000) and then save it. Check the tabs at the top for the next step.

      Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Let’s formalise some plans closer to the date.

      love B&T

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