Six Buses… – part 2

Part 2 – Fethiye to Antalya

We had survived the journey to Fethiye so we were better prepared for the next journey.

A minibus arrived at our hotel and transported us to the bus station and we were shuffled onto the bus.

What amazed us this time was the quality of the buses. Massive big vehicles with luggage compartments underneath that you could easily stow away in.

And on the bus, after our destination was checked, we were offered water, tea, coffee and cake, all from a little trolley wheeled up the aisle. Then rubbish was collected. There was a comfort stop half way through our journey where most people walked – to shake off the cobwebs.

The most amazing part of the journey was the speed and ease with which the bus driver navigated the steep winding road coming down into Antalya. This part of Turkey is mountainous, and those steep mountains seem to fall right into the sea.

We arrived at a massive bus station and felt overwhelmed. We have been to big rail stations and big airports. This was big. Buses were everywhere. People were coming and going in all directions, all knowing where to go.

Before long the two older, fair to greying passengers were identified by our hotel manager. What an easy journey. We are now masters of bus travel!!

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