Oops, didn’t plan that…

Our plan was to remain fluid.  Not to create a fixed agenda that was regimented.  And that is how we ended up in Corsica.

Macedonia was (still is) high on my list of must visits.  I have been told the lakes and mountains are beautiful.  But when we started looking at it and how to get there, it went into the too hard basket.  A land locked country bordering Greece, Albania and Kosovo, and others.  Our car is not insured in Albania and the Australian government’s current recommendation is to avoid Kosovo.  It was going to be a very long drive to get from Macedonia to Montenegro and ferries didn’t seem to run the route we needed.

So now can you see why we decided to go to Corsica?

Coastline looking north from Canari, Corsica

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2 Responses to Oops, didn’t plan that…

  1. How was the festival? I really liked Barcelona when I was there in 1975. I found the people friendly and they always seemed to be smiling. Have you seen the building with the elephant feet on the footpath? I meant to get a photo but somehow missed out 🙁 The other towns I visited were Madrid – best calamari at the Plaza Mayor – and San Sebastian – also good calamari.
    High Tea was excellent and there were 5 new faces – Mary Daley, Paddy O’Callaghan, Gerry Smith, Lena Topp and Judith Killingsworth. I couldn’t eat my share of the cakes, nor could Gerry with whom I shared.
    A yum cha is on the cards for the next get together.
    Keep enjoying yourselves.

    • thea says:

      The festival was a wonderful display of community unity and co-operation. To create the street decorations takes months of planning and a few last days of hard work! It is also ery disruptive to the residents as cars are locked out and apartments are difficult to get to. The crowds were enormous, really enjoying the decorations and music. For a week, activities begin around 11am and finish around 2am. A great experience.
      Barcelona is busy as it is mid-summer. We are looking forward to spending time there during the off-season months. Our apartment is 20 minutes train ride north, near the sea, so more local and quieter.

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