Not a Golden Silence

My silence is inflicted and I am not a happy traveller. My cute little ASUS has broken down again and has been at the ASUS doctor in Portugal for three weeks and I haven’t heard boo from them.

And to top that off, we have reached three hundred days and I am unable to tell you what we have done – it is all on the ASUS.

But Bruce has just counted up the different beds we have slept in since my 200 days report. In the last 100 days it is 42 beds, which means we have slept in 106 different beds since leaving home. There is one little statistic for you.

And the iPad just doesn’t do photos well enough to post them.

However, since settling here in Badalona we have made train trips to Valencia to see the fantastic new architecture and to Pamplona to see a beautiful medieval city and a more beautiful medieval castle in nearby Olite.

We have also made a few trips to Barcelona to see exhibitions of Joan Miro and Picasso as well as learning to navigate those tiny, twisted streets of the Gothic area.

Now I am sitting in the sun at our local cafe, waiting for my Pinchos to be served. It is winter, about 15C and still.

Perhaps life isn’t so bad after all!

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2 Responses to Not a Golden Silence

  1. thanks for all the news of your trip.
    Have a merry Christmas wherever you are.
    I guess you’ll be wending your way home soon. xx

    • thea says:

      Hi Michael. Visiting Madrid, Granada and Seville over the Christmas break. Back home late January!
      Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

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