LiB – Drinking beer in Berlin

Berlin is undoubtedly the beer drinking capital of the world. And in Summer, when it is hot, the consumption rate goes up.

Interestingly, there is a huge selection of ‘non-alcoholic’ beer, but it falls into two categories. 0.0% alcohol is just that – zero alcohol, but ‘non-alcoholic’ may actually contain up to 0.1% alcohol.

In both categories you will find all the popular varieties including pale ale, IPAs and stouts.

This was important when Andrea was pregnant and breast feeding, as we had to target the 0.0% version for her.

But what really amazed us was the number of people carrying a bottle of beer in the street – open and being consumed. There were plenty of convenience stores that stocked beer, so as you wander down the street or into a park or onto the U-bahn there will always be an opportunity to buy a bottle of beer.

But we were not impressed when we saw people leave their empty bottles on the street. That was until we realised they were left as a donation to one of the many homeless people who would collect the empties and sell them.

Only in Berlin.

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