I have a new toy

In anticipation of a new adventure I have lashed out and treated myself to a new camera. The Panasonic has done well, but now is 5+ years old and lacks a few features I admire in Bruce’s photography.

I chose the Sony DSC-HX300, a “bridge” camera.  The lens is fixed but has a whopping 50x optical zoom.  It has a tiltable LCD and a viewfinder.  There are nearly a million options for fancy photography, which I may never use, but I have had fun experimenting.  Here are a few of my first shots.

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3 Responses to I have a new toy

  1. Decima says:

    Nice clear shots, how many megapixels? And you’ve been playing with effects too. Was the ‘painting’ done in camera or with s/w after?

    • thea says:

      It is 20.4 Mega Pixels with a Carl Zeiss lens. And yes, the ‘painting’, both the plate and the reserve, was done in the camera – which Bruce doesn’t approve of. He says I should do that in Photoshop and keep the photos pure, which is a fair comment, but I was trying all the options.

      It will be interesting to see how the camera stacks up in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. I didn’t want interchangeable lenses, but wanted to play with aperture and focus.

    • Decima says:

      When are you going?

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