Couch Surfing

Johnny Davies with Sally & ChloeWe have had an amazing 3 weeks with friends and family between vacating our apartment and flying out.

After 4 “interesting” nights at the Sandy pub, we invaded the Davies’ peace and quiet.  Sally, Bruce & I had a wonderful time sharing doggy walking, cooking, washing and internet time.  The tennis was in full swing, so there were some late nights.  Rumours abounded that we may stay forever, but we do have airline tickets to use. Thank you Ali & John for your kind hospitality.  Thank you Chloe for sharing your food and bones with Sally.

le chat MoloneyWe then invaded the Moloney’s and kindly shared their newspapers.  Michele & I shopped ’till we dropped whilst Bruce busied himself finishing Steve Job’s biography.  We enjoyed Brendan’s endless tall stories during delightful dinners on their deck.  We also enjoyed the company of Erica, Judy & Rob.  Thank you Brendan, Michele and “le chat Moloney” for your kind hospitality.

Our next stop was with Ev and Steph on the dark side of town in Fitzroy.  Botticelli kept us entertained with his antics, particularly when we presented him with 2 yabbies and 16 neons (tiny fish).  Last count one yabbie was hanging on for grim life and 2 neons were keeping well out of his way!Hayley meets Bott

Bruce & Ev having a father/son moment in front of TVWe did dinner in, sharing the cooking, and dinner out in wonderful Fitzroy.  We even escaped to spend a night with Rob and Lorraine.  Thank you Ev and Steph for giving up your biggest and best towels and for letting us learn more about life in Fitzroy.



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  1. Decima says:

    So the adventure has already started in your home town!

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