Learning PHP

It is wild and windy outside, not a good day to be out and about, so I spent some of my day learning the basics of PHP. I created a test site, with a form to key in some information and output calculated values.

More particularly the form asks for your name and your birthday and tells you how many days old you are.

When I asked Bruce to test it, we discovered that today he is 22,999 days old and tomorrow he will be 23,000 days old – perhaps we could celebrate!

The challenges I faced included:

  • getting the local time rather than the server time
  • creating a form
  • converting numbers entered into the form into date format
  • converting both “today” and the entered date into Julian format
  • remembering to put a semi-colon (;) at the end of each line of PHP code
  • sorting out the differences between PHP and HTML coding, including comment lines
  • So that is my Sunday. A good day’s work!!

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