Old Stories of European Adventures

Now that my web site is up and running, I thought I would share some old stories. Our first trips to Europe in the 21st century.

The photos I am showing were initially posted on Flickr, but Flickr is limiting my photos to 1,000 unless I ‘go pro’ – so they are relocated to NGGallery here.

Europe 2005, at last

In 2005, shortly after Hayden moved to London to be with Elisse, we visited. That was my first return to Europe in twenty-five years and it was exciting. We visited friends in England, Germany, France and Italy. We also toured Spain – not knowing how it would enter our lives at a later stage.

Bruce and Thea at Vernazza IT

Adventurous in 2007

After our first journey, it was time to venture to other places. In 2007 we returned to Europe to visit Hayden and Elisse who by now had moved to Barcelona. Then to Russia – St Petersburg, Moscow and the historical Golden Circle. This was an escorted tour. Whilst we loved what we saw, we hated the constraints of the tour. We finished our travels in Prague, Warsaw and Vienna.

Hayden, Thea & Bruce in Barcelona. ES

Celebrating in 2008

It was Bruce’s idea to visit Denis for his 60th birthday celebrations in 2008, so we invited ourselves to his party. Fortuitously, Hayden and Elisse were still in Barcelona and Evan was touring, so we all got together in Barcelona and then Andorra. From there we went to Switzerland, then on to Hungary, Slovenia and a little bit of Italy. We stayed within the 40th parallel.

Bruce, Evan, Thea and Hayden at La Coma, Andorra

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