Old Old and New Old

We have visited some amazing places and seen antiquities over 5000 years old in Egypt – they are really old. We have also seen antiquities from the Greco/Roman period just 2000 years old.

We have just visited Kayeköy – a town in ruins.

Kayeköy was one of the Greek villages whose inhabitants were part of the population swap following the Turkish Independence War.  In 1923, 3,000 houses were abandoned when the Greeks left Kayeköy.  Fewer Turks came from Greece to settle in this area.

As you may imagine, there were more houses than people, so many of the houses were left to rot, particularly on the hill where access was more difficult.  The stone structures are still in place, however the wooden structures such as doors, windows, roofs are all gone.

Goats roam and wild flowers are in full bloom.

The morning light created a beautiful backdrop to these sad, empty houses.

Ghost city of Kayeköy

Ghost city of Kayeköy

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  1. Mary says:

    Fascinating to see this photo. Just reading about it. Great blog Thea. Mary

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