Homeless with a Plan

Well we are officially “homeless” – we have no home to call our own, having vacated the apartment this morning.  Life at the Sandy Pub is interesting, but the view not as good.

But we have a plan – a little couch surfing until 12 February then off on the biggest adventure a couple of retirees can dream of, complete with backpacks and computers. The itinerary is…

  • Malaysia (KL & Tioman Island) – 11 days
  • Dubai – 3 days
  • Egypt – approx 18 days

After that we have Lonely Planet Guides for Jordan and Turkey and hope to reach Spain in August.

You will just have to watch this space to see what really happens!!

And if you are wondering about Sally – she will be the favourite resident at 4 Paws in Pearcedale, loaded up with special food, low-fat biscuits and a year’s supply of HRT.

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3 Responses to Homeless with a Plan

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds FANTASTIC guys! (…apart from the bit about staying at the sandy)

    I’m sure you’ll have a great trip – travelling with little restriction on where and when you go is the way to go! If only I could organise the time and money to do it.. 🙂

    I hope you’ve got a few TB of storage for all the photos!

  2. Karen Schooling says:

    I am loving checking out your blog Thea. Just a teeny bit envious…keep up the news and great photos to transport us away from the day to day!

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