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The Statistics of Travel

I know that some people like to know how many, how far, how much, etc. And as a mother of a PhD graduate of mathematics, it really is my duty to publish such information, so here goes. We left home … Continue reading

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Learning how to deal with rain

When it rains we tend to go to ground at home. Hide and keep dry. Not so in Korea and Japan. There are umbrellas for your use at all the hotels and in tourist parks. There are plastic bags for … Continue reading

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Eating in South Korea

One thing that bothers me is once in a country you are often confined to a very small selection of foods which seem to be repeated continuously until you leave. In Spain the offerings of jamon, paella, patatas bravas and … Continue reading

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Touring South Korea and Japan

As we were preparing to tour South Korea and then Japan, I found this article in the Tokyo Times, dated 5 months ago (approximately April 2013), Around 71 percent of Japanese believe the state of Japan-South Korea relations is “bad”, … Continue reading

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A Special Celebration

A few days ago Bruce & I celebrated our 40th anniversary. Wow! Ten years PK (pre kids), developing our careers, 25 years nurturing, feeding and schooling Hayden & Evan and 5 years downsizing and learning to retire. We met travelling … Continue reading

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Two hundred days and still counting

It is 200 days since we left home on this amazing adventure. I know, because my camera counts the days for me. We have slept in 64 different hotel beds, 2 ferry cabins, 1 overnight reclining plane seat and 3 … Continue reading

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